Monday, 11 October 2010


Well so much for my plan to knit my cardigan out of 2 skeins! As I was nearing the end of the first skein I realised I was going to run out of yarn way before I reached the end. This was for several reasons:

1. I made the cardigan longer than it needed to be - but I like longer cardigans, I can't stand my back getting cold

2. It was a bit looser than it needed to be. This was for two reasons - I should have blocked a bigger swatch as it blocks out more than expected. And two because my weight keeps fluctuating and I think I've lost some - yay! So I can handle the cardigan being a little loose!

So thanks to the kindness of knitters, the wonder of Ravelry and the extra special loveliness of Posh knitters I managed to snag and extra skein in the same colourway.

So now its finished, and seamed. I bought the buttons at the weekend which will be sewn on some time this week and then it needs a final wash and block. (Which might take some times, moving/decorating and blocking do not go together!).

With the extra yarn I also had enough to lengthen the sleeves to 3/4 length which is more me. I ended up with about 10g of yarn left, plenty to sew on buttons.

The only trouble is this is where I tend to lose interest and end up with a nearly finished project lying around for months...

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  1. Your so lucky you know how to knit! I should learn I'd like to make a scarf or maybe a pair of gloves!