Sunday, 30 January 2011

New patterns

I've been a bit quiet recently, both here and on Ravelry. Part of that is house DIY, a new job and the fact that the computer is now out of the living room and I feel a bit antisocial if I don't spend some time in the same room as my other half in the evening! The other is because I've been busy with some new designs. One of them is hopefully going to be published soon and then there are some laceweight patterns I'm working on at the moment.

I don't know why but in summer I feel like knitting thick yarn and in winter I end up with laceweight! Still at least its handy when planning ahead with my wardrobe.

I have an idea in my head for five laceweight cardi/sweaters. The kind of thing you can throw in a bag and they scrunch up to nothing. Then when the sun starts to set you can put them on over a vest top.

Of course I live in the UK so I'll probably only get to wear each one once in what we call "summer time"!

But still its fun. The idea is to have as little seaming as possible, and I'm trying to play around with the construction a bit and trying out a few new techniques.

When they are finished I should be publishing them on Ravelry, but it might take me some time, five sweaters in laceweight..... I must be mad!

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