Wednesday, 23 March 2011


My first ever published pattern dropped through the door onto the (slightly tatty - needs to be replaced down on the list of DIY jobs to do) doormat the other day. That's right Lisa Cardi has been published - find a preview of it here:

I have to say that all the people at KALMedia have been lovely to work with and I really hope to be able to publish again with them soon.

So now its published here's why its called Lisa!

My lovely DH knew me for several years before we got together, we would speak to each other several times a week and meet up several times a month, so he knew me quite well. Whilst we were friends he would text me frequently at the same time as he text a couple of his other friends one of whom was called Lisa.

When we went to his works Xmas party - about 3 months after we started seeing each other he managed to introduce me not once but twice to people as Lisa! (He blamed it on nerves).

To add to that the children who played across the road from where he lived at the time used to call out hello to me sometimes when I went to visit. I'm sure they were saying Hi Liz but it sounded suspiciously like Hi Lisa.

Added to that our best friend Sally who he lived with at the time also had a friend called Lisa who she text on a frequent basis. But I hadn't met my DH's Lisa, and Sally's DH hadn't met her Lisa....

So the name Lisa became a running joke between us with her being his "other woman". Occasionally he also sent texts to me which were meant for her which also made me laugh (but thereby proving he'd be useless at having an affair!)

So when I asked him what I should call my pattern, of course he suggested Lisa.

(Who now knows she has a pattern named after her and was very lovely and thrilled about it).

Good job I'm not the possesive jealous type.

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