Monday, 28 May 2012

Once again I haven't posted for ages. This is partly I think because the computer is hidden away under the stairs. Which is great for making the living room/dining room/craft room less cluttered but it means as I write I am banging one elbow on the wall, I can't put my legs under the desk so I am twisted sideways and it doesn't make for comfortable typing. However I am determined to try to remedy that when we move. Because yes finally (fingers crossed it all goes through) we are moving.

We bought our little two bedroom semi in Bescot, Walsall about two years ago and it needed a lot doing to in. We partially rewired it, replaced joists and floor boards, the dangerous fuse box, moved the boiler to the pantry, redid the bathroom and kitchen, put a laminate floor in the living room and decorated almost throughout. Not bad. When I say we I mostly mean our wonderful builder/electrician/fix anything friend we call Uncle Ken. And now we are moving to a three bed semi in Brownhills which will be nearer work and has a bigger garden and a converted garage room which will hold the computer and craft stuff. Yay for not banging my elbow and an actual computer chair. Ergonomics has nothing on this room.

What I will not miss:

The appalling bus service - Travel West Midlands when you say you are changing the times of the 311 and 313 to "maintain reliability" it helps if there is some reliability in the first place

The deaf neighbour who watches his TV very loud until 1pm in the morning

The taxi company who seem to operate from three doors down and seem to come and go all night long, seriously do you need to slam your car doors that loud?

The nieghbours with the hideous extension, uncontrollable kids and a dog which barked for two hours solid the other weekend

Things I will miss:

 My wonderful neighbour on the other side who takes in parcel for me

My new kitchen and bathroom especially the bathroom as it is huge

My huge master bedroom

Living on what the local paper describes as an unusually quiet (read trouble free and mostly crime free) neighbourhood. Considering the area it is in this little estate is an oasis in a bit of a rough area

Things I am looking forward to:

Being able to walk to work - no more buses yay!

 Being nearer to belly dancing when the MIL drops me off

Being nearer friends especially Uncle Ken (he lives the next road over which is handy when the husbeast is away and we have a burst etc!

The utility room

Not having to have dining room furniture in the living room

Room for some of my shoes in the porch

A bigger garden

The extra space

Things I am not looking forward to:

Not many kitchen cupboards - a big kitchen but only a few cupboards which seems like a criminal lack of space to me

A smaller bathroom

A smaller master bedroom

A colour scheme that's not quite "me" - although obviously this will be remedied over time

Now I just wish the solicitors etc would get a move on so that we can get moved. Fingers crossed it all goes to plan and then I might get on here more often!

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