Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Pinterest Monday!

Inspiration for the porch at my new home:

I want this print hanging up at the end of the long narrow porch

I have a fascination with Lloyd Loom chairs and I want one like this to sit below the print with black cushions on. Somewhere comfortable to take your shoes (or in the husbeasts case black steel toe capped grubby boots off) after a hard days work

Expedit shelving  - Ikea
 I'm not a massive fan of having everything Ikea in my house although bits are creeping in here and there. These would be perfect for holding my shoes in though

I want to do a homemade version of this


 I adore this idea and really want to replicate it

And finally if there is room:

A fairytale mirror, but am I the princess or the wicked witch?

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