Friday, 17 May 2013

Crafy Creatives - May Box

The theme this month is Glamour which I love. Although the kit isn't entirely my colours, I tend towards silvers rather than browns and bronzes, this is a fabulous box and I'm itching to get started on some of the contents already.

First there is the art card:

I love this one!

Then there is the kit to make a beaded hair piece:

There's some gorgeously tactile black velvet and beaded trim which would probably work well together to make an opulent evening bag:

Beads beads and more beads:

(There's some swarovski crystals in a pretty black pouch, some starbust beads, some metallic starburst, a rose pendant and a couple of silver tear drop rhinestones)

And some practical stuff, picture glue, some earring findings and a pretty lace stamp and ink set:

Here is is all together:

I already know that those teardrop beads are going to become earrings, and I think those and the hairpiece might be my task for this evening.

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