Thursday, 30 May 2013

Small Skein Society - No 5

Here is my lovely fifth installment of yarn from the Yarn Yard's Small Skein Society:

This one is one of my favorites. Its inspired by summer berries mixed with black pepper. Like Natalie at the Yarn Yard I've never tried this although I have heard it is supposed to be an interesting combination. I have tried strawberries and balsamic vinegar though, which is lovely, but I have to admit for me there is nothing to beat the taste of a strawberry freshly picked from the plant, in the sunshine, and eaten straight away.

Its nearly time for the PYO farms to be open again, and I am looking forward to going. The Husbeast and I will go three or four times during the summer to a local one and buy mountains of strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, black currants, redcurrant.... Some we eat straight away, some we freeze, some I make into jam, and some I make flavored alcohol with.

I'm hoping all the wet cold weather this year hasn't affected the crops too much and that we get some nice sunshine to go fruit picking in. Somehow picking strawberries in the rain just doesn't seem as much fun!

By the way, for those of you who like your yarn on the thin side, Natalie has just opened up the Luxurious lace lovers society, which will have a luxury skein of lace each month. I am so tempted, but I am never going to be a lace knitter, so I am really trying to be good!


  1. There is nothing like a pot of home made jam, is there?
    Sometimes I think it's a waste of fresh strawberries but it seems to make summer last longer somehow.

    1. Its trying to keep the other half away from them for long enough to make it that's the problem! He always thanks me once he tastes the jam though, its like summer in a jar!