Monday, 20 May 2013


My sister and brother in law came over at the weekend, I mainly invited them so that my brother in law could show me how to use my camera, but he also fixed my computer so he can come again! My sister provided the light relief by posing for me:

Isn't she beautiful!

My brother in law is the very talented photographer at Dark Soul Photography. Please don't judge him for the quality of my photos, before he came over I couldn't even take a photo in focus with this camera so he's pretty much worked miracles.


  1. Your sister is beautiful AND brave to allow all these photos of her pulling faces to be put up here. Don't worry about the quality of your pictures, (although they look fine to me) as with everything they will get better and better as time progresses

  2. There's a fine line between brave and silly..... (and I know which side my sister is on, but I'm not telling)

    Thank you, I try hard with the photos but there are so many blogs out there with beautiful photography, yours being one of them, that I feel like I need to try harder