Friday, 26 July 2013

New yarn and socks

Whilst on holiday recently I managed to acquire some new yarn, it fell into my bag honest (after being paid for):

From Baa Ram Ewe in Harrogate I got these:

And from Purl and Jane in Skipton I got these:

I also managed to knit whilst I was away a pair of socks for the Husbeast. I've been promising him a pair for about three years so I think I owed him some. You may notice there is a second ball of sock yarn from Purl and Jane, if he's very lucky he might get another pair of socks from these in three years time.

We had a great time whilst we were away and one of the high points for us was going to Whitby, hiring a beach hut and sitting outside it, him reading and me knitting. Doesn't sound like much but it was so peaceful and relaxing. Plus I've always wanted my own beach hut and for the day I was able to have one.

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