Wednesday, 6 February 2013

52 Books - Week 6

The book I chose for this week was "William - An Englishman" by Cicely Hamilton.

I didn't really enjoy this weeks book. I didn't like William as a character and so I found it really hard to engage with the book. I kept putting it down and reading something else instead. I persevered with it and the story itself was interesting and well written in some ways, but not really a book for me.

Its maybe worth reading for the history, the account of the times and as an interesting view of some of the people involved in the suffragette movement at the start of the book. Its an everyday view of the war from a normal couple rather than a high ranking officer etc, and as such interesting, but I believe there are more readable books out there set around the same idea.

Book Title: William - An Englishman

Author: Cicely Hamilton

Enjoyment: 5/10

Would read again: 2/10

Comments: In some ways this is a very good book with an interesting take on modern history. However because I found the main character difficult to like or engage with this was a hard read for me and not something I would pick up again in a hurry.

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