Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Small skein society No 2

Today I should really be writing about my book of the week. I also want to share some links to blogs I love to read, including this lovely lady here. I've got an update on my stripy blanket and some house pictures.

However I'm not going to write about any of that today because my second parcel for the Small Skein Society has come through from the Yarn Yard:

I love the colours on this one, purples are always a favourite with me. I do feel a bit guilty that I haven't even looked at the first instalment recently never mind done anything with it. I'm in too much of a big blanket mood at the moment.

I did have a passing thought that if I saved up my instalments for a year I could do something with them on a larger scale. Something colourful and fancy.

I've been looking at pictures of stained glass recently, I love the ones with big blocks of colour which gradually changes over the piece.

I might try sketching something out at some point. It may be something which would work better in fabric, in fact I first envisaged it in fabric. Now though, I am wondering whether it would work knitted, or even crocheted. If I do make it I know exactly where in the house I would hang it as well.

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