Monday, 18 February 2013

Craft storage

Before we moved house I didn't really have much specific craft storage. A lot of it was kept in the spare room in various drawers, some was kept in the living room and the rest was stashed away in odd places here and there without a huge amount of organisation.

At some point in this house this:

Is going to be my craft room. Please try not to laugh too hard when I say that, it really is going to look good one day honestly...

In the meantime my dining room also has all my craft stuff in it which means it is less dining room and more random furniture room.

I do however have more storage space for my craft stuff, even if it means part of it is under my stairs, at least it is all in the same general vicinity.

As I've been buying blanket weight quantities of yarn recently I wanted to keep it all together and at the same time have some sort of porable storage for it. When I am making my stripy blanket I have a minimum of five balls of yarn sitting around. I was finding myself not tidying them away because it was easier to balance them along the back of the sofa. Which doesn't make for a tidy living room.

So the other weekend we had a quick wander around the town centre where I live. Its not exactly got much but it does have a B&M Bargains which yielded these:

Each basket contains a blankets worth of yarn. The middle one holds my yarn for the current blanket, and it does make my life easier. It sits next to the sofa when I am crocheting and it easily whisked away into the dining room if someone calls. Even if I don't have time to move it a basket full of yarn somehow looks a lot neater than random balls lying around.


  1. I'm moving house soon, so I read with great interest your storage solutions and plans