Thursday, 14 March 2013

Crafty Creatives - March box

I'm getting in earlier with the post this month!

The theme for this months box is steampunk, which is fantastic, I think for me this comes second favourite only to the Gothic inspired box.

I am secretly a little Gothic at heart. My favourite colours are red and black, my favourite music is  a type of German Heavy Metal, and I love my Doc Martens. Not quite enough to make me a full blown goth, I haven't the dedication to do the full make up and hair dye etc, but this box does definitely excite me.

Inside the boxes are:

The art card

Leather pieces
Tweed fabric

Lock and Key fasteners
Copper wire
Leather cord
Tiny watch parts

Crackle glaze
Metallic transfer paper

And the kit, which this month is to make a decoupage box, which I think will turn out quite cute. Its another craft I've not tried out before which makes it more exciting.

The unexpected side effect of this box was finding out that the Husbeast didn't know what Steampunk was. I've taken him to loads of Gothic belly dance festivals where there are always steampunk fans, and yet he still didn't have a clue. My poor little main stream Husbeast, he's learning bless him. 

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