Tuesday, 12 March 2013


When we moved to our house in August last year the flower bed to the side of the drive was almost completely covered with black plastic and bark chippings. Apart from one tree there was no plants in there at all. It might have been low maintenance but it wasn't exactly pretty.

So last Autumn I spend a day planting bulbs, several hundred of them in fact which took some time. But the end of it I couldn't remember what I had planted where which means I'll get nice surprises throughout the year as different things come up.

Already the flower bed is full of green shoots everywhere and one sunny day last week I was greeted with this:

How beautiful they are. Of course the snow and ice this morning does make me wonder how many of the small green shoots are going to end up flowering, but at least I've had these come through.Despite the cold weather this week they make me feel like Spring is about to arrive any minute now.

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