Friday, 19 April 2013

52 Books - Week 14

I have a few books to blog about and some catching up to do. |I went away last weekend and my trusty old BeBook Reader came away with me. Its not as snazzy as some of the E-Readers out there but I've had it a few years and it suits me fine. I prefer to read a proper book if I'm honest but due to lack of room for more books I'm trying to be good and get some in digital form as well, although I frequently fail and buy hard copies instead.

I made sure for my holidays I had some of my trusty Georgette Heyer books loaded, easy to read and as familiar as old friends they are my fall back option for reading. I know the story's so well that I can dip in and out of them when I have five minutes to spare without having to keep track of the storyline or a complicated cast of characters.

The first one I read was my all time favourite - The Grand Sophy. I first ready this as a child and I wanted to be just like Sophy when I grew up. I'm nothing like her but then I'm also not a rich heiress who's lived all over the world so with hindsight it was probably an unattainable ambition from the start.

Book Title: The Grand Sophy

Author: Georgette Heyer

Enjoyment: 10/10

Would read again: 10/10

Comments: One of my favourites. Sophy is funny, intelligent, meddling and bossy but easy to love as you read about her. This book is perfect for reading time and time again when you need something to cheer you up or take you away from reality.


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