Sunday, 21 April 2013

Another FO

Following on from the last couple of evenings, last night I decided to make my kit from the steampunk Crafty Creatives kit.

This was to cover a small trinket box in decoupage. To be honest I'd only left it this long because only the Husbeast knew where the huge pot of PVA glue was and I kept forgetting to ask him.

Before I started I used the foil transfer paper on the cardboard cogs to give them a nice metallic finish and then set to it. The Husbeast tried to make me a glue spreader from a piece of milk carton but it was too stiff and didn't work so well. So instead I got mess and used my fingers, which was of course much more fun.

This isn't the greatest example of decoupage ever I'll admit, but I had fun doing it and it looks quite nice unless you look too closely:

I'm going to fill it with some skull beads I bought for someone in Lincoln and give it to then next time I see them. Because what says "I saw this and thought of you" better than a steampunk themed box filled with coloured skull beads?

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