Wednesday, 3 April 2013

March round up

Recipes blogged this month:

If I could get the Husbeast out of the kitchen long enough I might give something a try. His baking is excellent though and he's converted me to carrot cake after years of thinking I don't like it.

Projects started:

Crochet Squares Blanket

Colourful Crochet Squares Blanket


High Speed knitting number two - not post on this yet but it is the same pattern as the one here

Crochet Cowl 1

Crochet Cowl 2

Projects finished:


Crochet Cowl 1

Crochet Cowl 2

Colourful Stripy Blanket

Projects frogged/ in the WIP Pile:

15 stitch blanket: this is still in the WIP pile I will finish it eventually honest....

Yarn in this year:

7250g As this includes my monster haul in January there's not much I can do to make this figure better this year. I've bought less than half what I bought last month, possibly even only a quarter.

This converts into 22,845 meters or 14.4 miles

Yarn knitted or crocheted this year:


9124 meters or 5.67 miles

My yarn knitted is certainly getting closer to my yarn bought, although my purchases for April are stacking up already and its only the third!

Books reviewed:

Week 10: Dr Faustus

Week 11: Mariel of Redwall

Week 12: Loamhedge

Week 13: Kafka on the Shore

I've finished quite a few projects this month which has been quite satisfying. I'm excited to start new blankets although I feel slightly guilty about working on two of them at once, I was trying so hard to finish one before I start the next in the hope of not leaving half finished blankets lying around the house.

I am trying to be good and only work on the grey one unless I need cheering up in which case I am allowed to do a bit on the coloured one. My plans for blankets are growing, my ideas for places to use them are not!


  1. I'm amazed at your purchase, worked up ratio - it's far far better than mine. I just can't stop buying. And I love your monochrome blanket, it looks so sophisticated

  2. Thank you, I think the monochrome ones look better but the coloured ones are much more fun to make