Thursday, 18 April 2013

Crafty Creatives - April Box

This months theme is blue, which is great because that is one of my favourite colours. There's loads of things in this months box I love:

The artcard:

Isn't it beautiful, it looks like the trees are standing right out on the page.

The kit this month is to make a mobile with blue felt birds on it:

Which should be fun, and if my craft room ever gets sorted it would be nice to hang in there.

There was also some jumping clay in there which I had never heard of. What is nice is that they give you enough materials (including a hanging loop) to make a project out of as well, its like I've got two kits this month:

Then there are some blue papers and some lovely blue checked fabric:

There is a selection of tiny beautiful glass beads, two bluebird pendants, some glitter and seed beads, and some felt balls. I love felt balls, especially ones I haven't had to felt myself:

There is a really cute dinky canvas and some acrylic paints:

And finally here it is all together:

This is probably one of the months where I've looked at the contents of the box and thought of something I could do with everything. Whilst I love how the boxes sometimes unusual contents stretch my imagination, sometimes its nice to get something and feel that immediate rush of creativity that comes from seeing something and knowing what to do with it straight away.

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