Sunday, 9 June 2013

Catch up

I can't believe its been nearly a week since I last blogged. It's not been deliberate, just life has a way of going a bit fast sometimes. That's why I like this its a way of slowing things down and looking at what I am doing rather than rushing around at 90 miles an hour.

This time of year its mostly gardening, gardening, gardening here, oh with a bit of weeding thrown in. We (the Husbeast rather) has mostly cleared the side beds of weeds so we've been putting some new plants in. We went to the garden centre last week and bought a lilac and two buddleia to put in. I also want to buy some lilies for the back garden but they will have to wait a few weeks because there's other things taking priority at the moment.

 We did have some decking at the bottom of the garden, but it was built so high that if you sat on it you were on view to all the neighbours and it felt like you were spying in their gardens. So we dismantled it. Underneath was a raised bed. The Husbeast has slowly been digging it out and getting rid of the rubbish that's in there. So far he has found:

1 plate
3 bottles
Numerous beer cans
1 mug
Part of a sink
A tricycle
2 concrete fence posts
Metal fencing wire
A metal bed complete with springs!

He's not even half way through....

I hate to think what else is going to be in there, I'm just hoping there's no dead bodies! We're going to need a skip to take away the rubbish at this rate. Living this near where they discovered the Staffordshire Hoard it would be nice if we found something a bit more interesting under there.

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