Tuesday, 11 June 2013


Every year for our wedding anniversary the Husbeast buys me a pair of earrings as a present, and I then wear them for the majority of that year. I love this because it means even if we don't have much money at the time I still get a lovely present, and I can look back at them and remember what year he bought them for me and where we were at the time.

Normally we go away for our anniversary and he buys me something from wherever it is we are staying. This year though due to a combination of a funeral and a busy time at work all we ended up doing was going to the cinema.

Literally a couple of days before our anniversary I spotted a pair of earrings on Etsy that I loved. We knew they wouldn't come through in time for our anniversary but because we loved them thats what we went with.

So when I saw this land through my letter box today I got very excited:

It could only be one thing, my earrings! Inside I found a very professional looking parcel:

I love it when things come through looking pretty rather than just bunged in a jiffy bag.

Also included was a little cleaning cloth which I thought was a nice touch and a card thanking me for my purchase. One of the things I love about buying through Etsy is the personal touch you get.

Because my earrings had taken a little longer to arrive than they should have done, as Emily at Silken was moving at the same time (poor thing!) she put in some extras for me:

The earrings at the bottom are "my" earrings, the other two pairs are little extras, which I thought was very generous of her. If she's been moving I'm sure she's had plenty of other things to worry about.

A close up of my lovely earrings. I always go for studs for my anniversary present, so that I can wear them every day without them getting in the way. I love things that are simple but beautiful, and I think these earrings fulfill both criteria.

If you would like to see any more of Emily's lovely jewelry then here Etsy shop Silken is here. Emily is still off at the moment, but you can sign up for an email to tell you when she is back.

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  1. What a lovely way of celebrating your anniversary.