Monday, 3 June 2013

May round up

Projects started:

I haven't actually started any new projects this month, unusually for me. I don't really feel like I've got much done at all this month, but then it is May and that means gardening time, so I suppose there will be a natural decrease in the amount of time I have to spend crafting.

Projects finished:

Monochrome squares blanket

Projects in  the WIP pile:

Colourful Crochet Squares Blanket

Diva Tunic

High speed knitting - I think this is going the very opposite of high speed

15 stitch blanket:

Yarn in this year:

10250g - I had to buy another pack of 17 colours of stylecraft for my current blanket, which adds a massive amount of yarn into the equation. That said I've already knitted up the last pack so its not like its just sitting around looking pretty (like the rest of my stash)

This converts into 32692 meters or 20.2 miles

Yarn knitted or crocheted this year:


13167 meters or 8.17 miles

Books reviewed:

Week 18: Mary Barton

Week 19: To kill a mockingbird

Week 20: Twopence to cross the mersey

Week 21: The upstart

Well its not been the most productive month in some ways, but if you could see everything we've done to the garden... Plus we've seen more of friends and family this month than some, which is nice.

I've got two blankets nearing completion and I'm already planning the next two (well technically the next six or so...) so I've got plenty to keep me busy. My smaller projects are suffering whilst I do these big ones but as they are keeping me happy at the moment I'm just going to keep going.

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