Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Crafty Creatives - June Box

I can't believe I've been getting these boxes for 12 months, normally I get bored of this kind of thing after only a few months. I have to praise the Crafty Creatives team though, 12 months on and their boxes are still the same high standard as they started and their themes and still diverse and appealing.

In this months box the theme was "treats", so it was fitting that the art card was covered in drawings of sweets, my favorites are pink shrimps and yellow bananas, both of them have something in the colouring that send me slightly loopy:

The kit this month is a cute little embroidery kit. I like the pictures that come with it to embroider but I am toying with the idea of doing something with this and the little canvas that came in the blue box.

Also in there were charms, beads buttons and more:

There were little extras like the biscuit cutter, tags and two lollipops (the Husbeast looked happy at those!):

There was a fat quarter of this lovely fabric which would look great on an apron or perhaps covering a notice board in a kitchen, or just as a little bag to hold biscuit cutters in.

Then there are some cute crafty papers and a recipe card from Cathryn off Great British Bake Off. Cathryn was out favorite to win it, we were disappointed that she didn't. Although she was the Husbeast favorite because he has a thing for redheads, but I am assured he liked her baking ideas as well. Hmm....

This is possibly not my favorite box because its a lot of pretty pastel colours which is not really my thing. Having said that I love the kit, the fabric and the card. Now that I have 12 cards I have plants for them as well.

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