Tuesday, 29 January 2013

52 books - week 5

I had a delivery last week from Persephone Books, so my next couple of reviews at least are going to be about there books.

The book I chose for this week was "Someone at a distance" by Dorothy Whipple.

Its quite a gentle read, although the story is full of emotions, but the author takes you through them in a calm and almost soothing way. Its not a complicated read, the story is set over a few different families and houses but it doesn't tangle you up in hundreds of characters.

I enjoyed the book. It has a strangely satisfying ending. Its a predictable story, almost from the start you cans sense the ending, but it finished with the good characters happy and the bad characters unhappy in an almost child like manner.

Book Title: Someone at a Distance

Author: Dorothy Whipple

Enjoyment: 7/10

Would read again: 8/10

Comments: Its a pleasant read, not too taxing on the brain with a nice ending. Its not my favourite though because its just a bit too predictable. The book is trying to be ordinary people living ordinary lives and in real life nice people don't always end up happy and bad people don't always end up unhappy. I would read it again if I was in need of something soothing to read.

Persephone Books

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