Thursday, 3 January 2013

Knitting- shawlettes and a hat

I lost my knitting mojo for the majority of last year, I hardly knit anything compared to the previous few years. I'm not sure why. I think it was a combination of my ME/CFS making my brain feel fuzzy, moving house and redecorating, gardening etc and just struggling to find motivation.

Being on a yarn diet didn't help. I wasn't specifically trying not to buy yarn, its just the house move and decorating etc meant that it was a luxury which fell by the wayside. It isn't a great excuse as I have plenty of lovely yarn lying around the house, but I don't think it helped.

We've moved to a house we are hoping we will live in for years. So there's no real reason why we have to do everything we want to do to it immediately. Sometimes we remember to tell ourselves to slow down but most of the time we rush ahead ploughing all of our time and money into it forgetting that we don't have to do this to ourselves.

So in November I bought some yarn from Posh Yarn. It was the first time I'd bought anything from there since September, and the one skein I bought then got knitted straight away.

I didn't expect the sudden rush of excitement about knitting which came over me when I opened the parcel. The colours were as beautiful as always and I just wanted to knit again.

I knit the three skeins of yarn in that parcel in three weeks, pretty much a record for me. Since then I have relaxed my yarn diet and started buying more yarn. Its good to get my creativity flowing again and I'm enjoying just sitting and knitting in the evening to relax instead of trying to push myself to paint a room, or feeling exhausted and guilty because I'm not doing anything.

The Husbeast had about 10 days off over Christmas and I had eight of those off. Its reminded me that its good to spend time with him and actually talk and relax together instead of constantly rushing to get on with our lives instead of enjoying living.

So My first three projects after my mojo returned were:

Galathea by Asa Tricosa

Zenaura by Asa Tricosa

Mushroom hat by Purl Soho (this pattern is fantastic because it fits over my hair which I always wear in a bun. I may look a little silly in it because I don't suit hats but at least I have warm ears!)

Nicely modelled by the Husbeasts Knights helmet. Because what else does a man need?

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