Saturday, 19 January 2013

Today I am...

Knitting some wrist warmers in Posh Yarn Bonnie Aran in the colourway Jam session:

Knitting my Ombre Acrylic Blanket, which is going to take awhile as knitting on 8mm needles hurts my hands:

Re reading one of my Chalet School books, perfect comfort reading:

Trying to figure out how to use my new (secondhand) camera, its a "proper" camera, a DSLR and I'm finding it very confusing:

Enjoying the snow we still have around the house:

Winding my Yard Yard yarn I got the other day one skein at a time:

Listening to Oomph and letting the Husbeast get on with putting plasterboard up in the utility room without interfering too much....

Someday that room is going to look nice, hopefully someday soon!

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