Tuesday, 22 January 2013

52 books - Week four

My book for this week is a Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility.

When I was a little too young to have started on Jane Austen the BBC adaptation of Pride and Prejudice came out on the television - the one with Colin Firth. I watched every episode and loved it. My Dad bought my mum a copy of the video before we even owned a video player. I think he may have regretted it once we did have a video player because of the amount of times we watched it. I have it on DVD now and I love watching it.

So naturally the first Jane Austen book I read was Pride and Prejudice and it didn't disappoint me. I've read others since but somehow I hadn't read Sense and Sensibility before. I've seen it on television, a version with Alan Rickman in it, which I loved.

So this weeks book was Sense and Sensibility. Here is my summary of it:

Book Title: Sense and Sensibility

Author: Jane Austen

Enjoyment: 910

Would read again: 8/10

Comments: I enjoyed reading it, I generally know if I pick up a Jane Austen I am going to enjoy it. I didn't find it as funny as Pride and Prejudice and its never been an ending I'm keen on. I always feel that Edward is too wishy washy for Elinor, I feel like she deserves a better husband. Added to that I feel like Colonel Brandon deserves someone better than Marianne. I think as readers we are supposed to like Marianne but I find her a bit too selfish for my taste. Colonel Brandon on the other hand is one of my favourite characters out of the book. In fact I think Elinor and Colonel Brandon would have been a better match.
That said Jane Austen did try to write realistic books and how many times in life do we see couples marry and feel sure they are doing the wrong thing. Sometimes they surprise us sometimes they don't. So I suppose this is fairly true to life, but if I needed some comfort reading I think I'd stick to Pride and Prejudice.


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