Monday, 21 January 2013

Utility room

My utility room is in the process of being decorated, mostly by the Husbeast. We normally share the decorating but in a room that is about a meter wide there isn't enough space for both of us to work. As I hurt a muscle in my back just before Christmas and it still isn't any better it makes sense for him to be doing the majority of the work.

Here is the before picture:

In fact this isn't the real before picture. I think we have one somewhere, I will have to dig it out sometime. There was previously a worktop along that long wall. When a room is one meter wide and a worktop is 0.6m deep you'd have thought the previous owners would have realised this wasn't a good move. But we do walk around the house going "now what would an idiot have done?"

In order to get to the washing machine or tumble dryer I had to contort myself in weird and not so wonderful ways which was starting to drive me potty - did I mention the bad back?

We are nowhere near finished, I have plans for this room which involve a sink, oh and a ceiling - its open straight up to the rafters at the moment, and with no radiator and a long outside wall and no double glazing, this room is freezing.

However the Husbeast has only just begun on it and here is where we are so far:

Please excuse the mess, this was taken at nine o'clock last night to send to my parents, I haven't managed to get a better picture because the room is currently having stuff done to it and my Husbeast learnt DIY in the school of "make as much mess as possible so people can see you are working hard". 

So far the Husbeast has:

  • Painted the walls white (some where white some where bare brick)
  • Covered up the fibreglass on the end wall and painted the plasterboard
  • Cut the worktop and mounted it at the far end of the room
  • Laid lino tiles on the floor

Still to do:

  • Put in a ceiling
  • Buy a freezer for down the other end 
  • Plumb a sink in down the other end
  • Install a radiator or heated towel rail
  • Put in a new light
  • Put a cupboard in next to the washing machine and a little one next to the tumble dryer

P.S: No Husbeasts were hurt in the decorating of this utility room, he had a little electric heater plugged in whilst he was in there, and he was regularly fed. 

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